Hello fellow fan owners and seekers,

You may remember reading about our grille names here. Each grille has a family story behind it…because we happen to think they’re pretty special people. So special in fact, that after 13 wonderful years in Portland, we have made the decision to relocate to the Seattle area to be closer to them.

In light of our move we must decide how our Laurelhurst Fans fit into our next chapter. As with many entrepreneurs and small businesses, we have found that when you devote all your energy into your endeavor the business does grow and success does come…but the price you pay is steep in ways that far surpass finances. We’d like to spend time with our two little guys while they still want to spend time with us (cue Cats in the Cradle).

With that said, we are taking a hiatus from the fans before they suck the life out of us - much like they are known to do with flies, as Chris shared with us here.

Until we have any further information as to the future of our company, we wish you the best in your period appropriate ventilation adventures!

Johnny FanWarmly,
John and Nicole


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